Our Program

Our program includes both structured activities and free play.  New concepts and exciting themes are introduced each week.  These concepts are presented during a formal lesson time and reinforced throughout the day through free play, projects, music, sign language and story time.   We understand that learning starts at birth.  We embrace this fact by including all of the children–babies and “big kids” alike–in classes and activities.  We also offer lots of individual attention, being sure that each child is exposed to age appropriate activities.
We spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors.  Whether it’s playing on our playground, taking a walk, exploring in the woods, enjoying picnics in the summer and sledding in the winter; if the sun is out we are too!
We periodically take fun, educational field trips to museums, farms and more.  We also enjoy weekly visits to the library.  In addition to these exciting adventures, we offer a weekly music class with our experienced music and piano teacher, Miss Katey.   (For more information, click on the “musical Mondays” tab.)  Private piano lessons are also available at a minimal additional charge.